Working with the app. Frequently asked questions and answers


Basic standards

To make passengers happy with the service and get you more orders, Yandex.Taxi sets quality standards. Don’t forget about them: breaking the rules threatens to block you.

  • Clean, dry and well maintained interior without foreign odors;
  • Seat belts and airbags in working condition;
  • Body without damage, headlights and other parts in place;
  • Trunk is clean and at least ¾ free of it;
  • Body and thresholds are clean;
  • Clean and dry door handles when there is no rain outside.
  • Pretty and neat clothes and appearance;
  • Communicates with passengers politely and respectfully.
  • Arrive on received orders and cancel them only in case of extreme necessity;
  • Mark On the spot only when you have actually arrived at the specified spot;
  • Complete the trip at the destination specified in the app.

At the Yandex.Taxi service, the driver must not:

  • Say rudeness to passengers and cause conflict;
  • Smoke in the car before, after or during the trip;
  • Violate traffic rules (for example, exceed the permitted driving speed, cross continuous lines or drive at prohibitive traffic lights);
  • Drive aggressively (eg accelerate and brake quickly, change lanes frequently);
  • Ask the passenger to cancel the order or change the payment method
  • Deceive passengers or service.


Questions of drivers

Which order cancellation reduces Activity?

The activity rate is reduced by:

  • Cancellation of a passenger’s order the driver requests to cancel the order,
  • Driver’s cancellation via dispatcher – up to 10 minutes waiting.

Therefore, try to cancel orders correctly. Wait for a passenger for more than 10 minutes. Make sure that she or he does not drive and safely cancel the order (using the dispatcher) – it will not affect your performance.

When are bonuses calculated?

Bonuses are calculated after the order is completed. However, just like funds when making an online payment, the transfer can take up to 3-5 working days. Contact your taxi fleet for the payment of existing bonuses or detailed conditions.

What should I do when changing my driver's license?
  • Contact your taxi fleet to include changes to your profile.
  • Take pictures of the new driver’s license with a good camera.
  • Send an application with photo to our support.
  • We will update your performance (rating, status, test, etc.).
How will the passenger find out that he is traveling at an increased fare?

In the passenger app, the increased ratio is taken into account when calculating the trip fare, ie when ordering a taxi, the passenger agrees to the price in advance.

What to do when replacing a car?

Contact representatives of your taxi fleet to include changes to your profile. Then you must undergo a standard photo control. The invitation will come automatically.

How is the commission calculated?

Each order commission is formed from the service and taxi fleet commission, and it is written off immediately after the order is completed.

Are you planning to develop an app for IOS?

No, not planned. You don’t have to buy an expensive gadget to work with the app, Android 4 is enough

Why didn't I get the bonus?

Conditions for receiving Yandex.Taxi bonuses:

  • You must follow the cost table, which we publish on our website or in your taxi.
  • Because the order amount was higher than the minimum guaranteed taxi fare.
  • If the trip lasts less than 2 minutes.

If the driver was blocked, the bonuses will not be refunded for orders in the last day before blocking. In turn, gross violations of service standards can lead to bonuses being disabled.

How to turn off the order chain?

The order chain can be turned off during order fulfilment. It is enough to change your status to Busy at any time during the fulfilment of the order. Then the orders stop coming from the chain. As soon as you realize that the current order is coming to an end, turn on the order chain again.

Do orders come only when arriving at speed below 80 km/h?

Yes. In addition, this is done in order to prevent the driver from passing the required turn and to avoid so-called back orders.

Why don't I have the option Home?

The option Home is available twice a day. You may have already taken every opportunity to take orders on the way home.

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